Vaping-related Lung Illness Prevalence Substantially Lower in Legal Cannabis States

Suppose there’s a case to be made for the health benefits of federal marijuana legalization. In that case, the vaping health crisis of 2019 supports that notion. Turns out, the vaping health crisis that hit the cannabis industry predominantly affected states where recreational marijuana is illegal.  A new study from the Yale School of Public […]

How This Former NBA Forward Is Improving the Cannabis Industry for People of Color

Al Harrington has already had quite a career. Over a span of more than 16 years, Harrington played pro basketball for the Atlanta Hawks, Denver Nuggets, Golden State Warriors, Indiana Pacers, New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, and the Washington Wizards. Leaving the world of pro basketball in 2015, he’s ready for another chapter. One of […]

Illinois and Other States Posted Record-Breaking Cannabis Sales in Recent Months

Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic was a lot easier in states with legal cannabis, and the numbers are pretty impressive. Colorado, Illinois, and Oregon all hit record-breaking sales figures in the past few months, despite the recent recession and stay-at-home orders. Let’s face it; cannabis has been a life raft to many during these difficult […]

Cannabis Companies Can Claim These Payroll Tax Credits Under COVID-19 Relief Package

It’s generally agreed upon that cannabis companies are dealt different hands depending on the states they operate in, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that weed is considered an essential staple during times of hardship —  every state with a regulated marijuana program continued to allow sales to some degree […]

How Cannabis Companies Have Adapted To COVID-19

The cannabis industry has once again had to work to adapt to and overcome yet another challenge: surviving in the era of COVID-19 lockdown. In states where cannabis is legal, those businesses have been deemed “essential,” and these enterprises have been allowed to remain open for business — while still technically illegal federally. This makes […]

Marijuana Lobbyists Pushing For Support For Cannabis Industry Via Next Coronavirus Stimulus Package

The cannabis industry keeps getting pummeled. It’s not federally legal, so banks don’t want to offer business banking services. It’s a new industry, so lawmakers in states where it is legal have generally overregulated it. On the flip side, it’s taxed to high heaven, and the feds have been the recipients of those tax dollars. […]

Cannabis Businesses Resist State Efforts To Limit THC Content

Lawmakers in several states are pushing forward with something that was proposed and failed in Colorado — limiting the amount of THC in cannabis. Plenty of people – including marijuana industry officials, both for the medical and recreational side – are fighting back, arguing that THC limits are grounded on shaky science. Industry experts predict […]

Colorado State University Launches Cannabis Science Degree Program

Call it higher education (pun intended). Colorado State University’s (CSU) Pueblo campus has received the okay from the state to start a cannabis chemistry bachelor’s degree program. These educational opportunities follow the development of other cannabis-related educational programs at other colleges and universities and reinforce the momentum generated by the expansion of the cannabis industry. […]