Cannabis Lease Agreements: Essential Guidance for Protecting Your Business

As with many aspects of doing business as a cannabis enterprise, securing a lease agreement entails extra layers of complexity and considerations that traditional businesses typically don’t have to contend with. This includes the higher rents often demanded by landlords to compensate for the perceived risk of working with a cannabusiness, but there are other […]

What Are Cannabis Angel Investors and How to Find Them for Your Cannabusiness

Despite marijuana’s federally-illegal status, the state-legal cannabis industry continues to expand and promises lucrative growth opportunities for the savvy investor. As a marijuana business owner though, it’s hard to know where to begin when seeking funding to take your company to the next level. The industry remains fraught with risk that may be too much […]

3 Ways Dispensaries Can Capitalize On Their Retail Data to Drive Business Growth

As the marijuana industry in the US becomes ever more lucrative, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to get in on the action. Applications for cannabusiness licenses are increasing year on year, with the number of issued retail licenses jumping by nearly 30 percent in the past year. In this increasingly competitive environment, marijuana retailers […]

B2B Cannabis Events: Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Your Ticket

After a two year Covid-induced hiatus, B2B cannabis conference events are back and bigger than ever. Such events are a perfect opportunity for marijuana industry veterans and would-be cannabis entrepreneurs alike to stay ahead of the latest developments and meet like-minded individuals and brands that could well offer more than just a friendly conversation. Before […]

The Professional Services Your Cannabusiness Needs

No business owner can manage their enterprise’s operations alone. That is, not if you want your business to succeed and grow. This is especially the case for businesses in the cannabis space. Complex and ever-changing rules and regulations impose time and resource constraints that are overwhelming and costly to handle alone. That’s why it’s imperative […]

What to Look for When Choosing a Cannabis Accounting Firm

As the cannabis industry in the US matures, there’s a growing need for accountants to service canna-businesses and further professionalize the sector. But given the complexities and risks faced by marijuana businesses due to the plant’s federally-illegal status, it is essential to hire an accounting firm with cannabis industry-specific expertise for three hugely significant reasons. […]

Seven Accounting Practices Cannabis Companies Need To Get Right To Close Industry Deals

While the marijuana industry in the US still comprises a significant proportion of small, independent businesses, there has been a trend towards more mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships. The industry is consolidating fast, but it’s not necessarily professionalizing at the same pace, at least as far as accounting practices go. Across the country, cannabis […]

Automating Your Cannabis Cultivation Processes: Weighing Costs and Benefits

As cannabis cultivators continue to establish and expand across the US, more and more are looking to automate practically every aspect of the production process. From automated irrigation systems, conveyors, climate controls and nutrient dispensers, the potential benefits are clear. Among them, reduced water usage, lower labor costs, fewer menial tasks, and more efficient applications […]

Cyber Security Threats Cannabis Businesses Must Be Aware Of

The impressive growth of the state-legal cannabis industry in the US over the past few years has not just been a boon for marijuana entrepreneurs, it’s also created new opportunities for cyber criminals looking to exploit the emerging industry’s weaknesses. Most canna-businesses are newly-established, small-to-mid size enterprises. This means that many haven’t had the time […]