Washington Now Has Too Much Weed

When Colorado opened its first legal pot shops last year, customers turned out in droves and fueled the weed industry with millions of dollars in revenue. In Washington State, meanwhile, things have been more difficult. The handful of stores that first opened last July ran into a product shortage almost immediately. Pot farmers didn’t have […]

Bob Marley’s Name Will Sell Weed

Call it a match made in Jamaica. A group of marijuana entrepreneurs has joined with the family of the late reggae legend Bob Marley to sell an exclusive line of high-quality weed. Privateer Holdings, a private equity firm in the marijuana market, announced in November that it would launch Marley Naturals, an international brand of […]

Halloween Pot Threat Proves Baseless

Drug-laced Halloween candy! Deviant marijuana fiends out to corrupt children and poison the masses! Crime around every corner! Actually, none of those things turned out to be true this Halloween. But you wouldn’t know that from the breathless reporting on the menace of THC-infused candies. Police in Maryland seized a relatively small shipment of cannabis […]

Colorado Bars For-Profit Researchers from Grant Money

Colorado has launched the largest state-funded effort to study the benefits of medical marijuana, but for-profit companies won’t be part of the program, officials said. In early September state officials filed an official request for applications, and they indicated that only “not-for-profit organizations, health care organizations, governmental entities and higher education institutions” would receive grant […]

AC Hosts Seminar on Growing Weed

Do you like to gamble? Do you love boardwalks? Are you comfortable with the sights, sounds, and smells of New Jersey? Do you want to know how to grow weed? Oaksterdam University, a California pot college, held courses in Atlantic City in August to help cannabis gardeners grow healthy plants. The four-day seminar, $1,000 a […]