With its increasing demand and income potential, medical marijuana use is the fastest growing industry in the US but since the cannabis industry is fairly new, laws are constantly updated. It is important to have a marijuana lawyer to help you grow your business or to fight for your rights.

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Attorney Joe Ray Skrha provides legal representation to Kenai, AK residents for DUI/DWI, personal injury, drug charges, wrongful death, domestic violence, and medical malpractice cases.

An expert defense attorney when it comes to criminal and drug related charges, Attorney John Burnett has been practicing law since 1979. He is also a member of NORML.

Being a former Maricopa County prosecutor, Attorney Jamal F. Allen and his team are well equipped and experienced in defending the criminal charges filed against their clients.

The Law Office of Jason Lamm has three decades of experience handling cases involving sale and transportation of marijuana both in state and federal court.

The Law Office of Scott Candell provides legal advice for medical marijuana compliance as well as criminal defense to those who have been charged with felony offenses.

Cannabis defense and criminal defense in Lake and Mendocino Counties with more than 18 years legal experience as deputy DA and criminal defense lawyer.

Aside from fighting for the rights of the criminally accused, McElfresh Law, Inc. has been an advocate of medical cannabis and is dedicated to defending and protecting the rights of those qualified to receive it.

The main emphasis of E. Wicker Law Office is forming new cannabusiness ventures.

The Law Office of Mark P. Miller is owned and operated by Mark P. Miller. When the need arises the firm may hire other attorneys, law clerks and/or paralegals on a temporary basis.

The Rodman Law Group, LLC is a boutique law firm in Denver, CO. We focus on Business, Cannabis, Securities, and IP Law. We advise our business clients on all of their corporate, commercial, and intellectual property issues.

Aaron J. Romano, P.C. provides aggressive federal and state criminal defense. Medical marijuana patient advocacy as well as business planning and representation.

Richard Greenberg concentrates his practice in the areas of professional responsibility, professional licensure defense, and criminal defense.

The Jeffrey Feiler Law firm was founded in 1985 focusing on Criminal Law and Marijuana Law. Attorney Feiler is an advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana and the decriminalization of marijuana.

W.F. “Casey” Ebsary, Jr. is a criminal defense attorney in Tampa, FL that handles DUI, drugs, and types of criminal defense cases.

My firm defends people who have been charged with cannabis-related crimes. We also help the formation of businesses that want to enter the cannabis industry once medical marijuana has been legalized in FL.

The Law Office of Corey Cohen is a criminal defense firm that handles all drug charges.

CPLAW is a boutique Criminal Defense and Medical Marijuana Law practice in Miami, FL. We handle all criminal cases and also provide counsel to doctors, patients, growers, and sellers regarding medical marijuana laws.

The Law Offices of David W. Olson has a proven track record, having practiced exclusively and effectively in the field of criminal defense for more than 3 decades. Attorney Olson is a member of NORML and is a member of its legal panel.

W.F. “Casey” Ebsary Jr. is a marijuana defense attorney in Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL. He helps those charged with misdemeanor and felony drug crimes.

Orlando criminal lawyer Richard Hornsby represents individuals accused of criminal offenses in central FL and the greater Orlando area.