Florida’s Marijuana Market Is Poised for Explosive Growth

Florida is on the cusp of adult recreational use marijuana legalization. Cusp doesn’t begin to describe the sheer potential a recreational marketplace has in the Sunshine State. The state currently has a framework to support the current number of 22 Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC), expanding their own operations via vertically integrated licensing. The state’s […]

New Jersey Implements Projected $1 Billion Recreational Cannabis Market

New Jersey is jumping aboard the cannabis train. Voters in the state recently legalized adult-use; anticipated annual sales are expected to top a billion dollars by 2024. Whether or not this development will push other neighboring states, like Maryland and Virginia, to legalize recreational cannabis remains to be determined. Still, marijuana advocacy groups like the […]

Sales of Cannabis Pre-Rolls Outperformed Market to Grow 50% in 2020

The pre-roll. Simple. Effective. This isn’t your average joint. The pre-roll, otherwise known as a professionally rolled marijuana cigarette, has seen a jump in popularity. Sales of pre-rolls were up 50% in 2020. If you thought covid-pandemic precautions would dampen pre-roll demand, you were wrong. In fact, pre-rolls were the second-fastest-growing product category. Flower was […]

MedMen Co-Founder Return to Cannabis Industry Under Separate Brand

They’ve risen, then crashed, and they have risen again. I’m not talking about Jesus. I’m talking about the co-founders of MedMen. After getting booted from their leadership positions last year in a move discussed extensively around the industry, former MedMen CEO Adam Bierman, and former company president Andrew Modlin, have re-emerged. This time, they’re working […]

Cannabis Flower Retail Prices Rise Due to Increased Demand Throughout Pandemic

Talk about flower power. Since COVID officially became a thing, there’s been unrelenting, unprecedented demand for cannabis flower in California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington. The corresponding retail prices for flower have jumped too. Retail data provided by Headset, a cannabis analytics company in Seattle, revealed that retail flower prices in those four Western states grew […]

Topicals, Edibles and Infused Beverages Enjoy Increased Sales Around Valentines Day

What do greeting card companies, chocolatiers, and weed have in common? They’re all competing for Valentine’s Day sales, and cannabis is starting to make a noticeable splash in the space. Need proof? Headset, the Seattle-based data analytics firm, has tallied the sales numbers. The information is telling; topicals, edibles, and infused marijuana product sales go […]

Cannabis Vape Pen Market Growth Slows as Manufacturers Seek to Rebuild Consumer Confidence

The downward trend in all things vape kicked off in 2019 and hasn’t picked up since. Despite the downturn, there are signs that a product rebound is on the horizon. The good news? Growth is happening again. The Seattle-based data analytic firm Headset reported that in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, vape sales jumped […]

Arizona’s Recreational Market Off to Strong Start As Supply Shortages Loom

When a market explodes from 300,000 customers to up to 6 million customers for any industry, the result is a supply chain shake-up. For a brand-new industry, the effect is more profound. Arizona, which had a medical marijuana program, recently launched adult-use, recreational sales. The state has the fastest launch to date in history. Initial […]