Florida Court Rules Vertical Integration In Marijuana Industry “Unconstitutional”

Florida has watched from the sidelines for years as other states such as Colorado, Oregon, and California legalized recreational marijuana. Numerous groups are clamoring for legalization recreationally, and simultaneously, the Florida laws that created a vertically integrated business model for distributing medical marijuana were rejected by Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeal. With Florida in […]

Is Michigan’s Retail Marijuana Industry Being Set Up To Be Dominated By Big Players?

It appears that the old-school pioneers of Michigan’s cannabis industry could be left out of the wagon train as the industry prepares to open its first adult-use recreational marijuana stores by the end of 2019. Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA), which oversees both the medical and upcoming adult-use retail industries, released new rules in July. […]

FDA Issues Warning About CBD Marketing Health Claims

Companies from every industry, from farms to food to cosmetic manufacturers, are joining the CBD rush. The result is that everyone, from regulators to customers, is trying to wrap their arms around this popular product, where, beyond a few cannabis-legal states (where the CBD market is strictly regulated and tested), the regulatory rules are minimal to […]

How The Cannabis Industry Can Tackle Sustainability Issues

The cannabis industry faces sustainability issues, with most topics circling back to those that relate to the industry’s energy use, water use, pesticide application and plastics. As additional states legalize cannabis, it would appear that the focus is toward a more comprehensive and thoughtful approach in the planning stages to areas frequently critiqued. The industry […]

California Senate Approves Legislation To Allow State-Chartered Cannabis Banks

In an effort to overcome the banking hurdle faced by the legal cannabis industry, Senate Bill 51 passed legislation to allow state-chartered cannabis banking. The bill still requires the approval of the Assembly and California State Governor Gavin Newsom before it becomes law. Through the provisions of SB 51, private banks and credit unions would […]

Aurora Cannabis And Tilray Cannabis Sales Boosted By Canada’s Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Canadian cannabis producers Tilray Inc and Aurora Cannabis Inc reported an increase in quarterly revenue last month, attributing the boost to increased demand. Canada was the first industrialized nation to legalize recreational cannabis in an effort to eliminate the black market, but continued growth in this industry is currently limited by lack of supply. When […]