How Cannabis Companies Have Adapted To COVID-19

The cannabis industry has once again had to work to adapt to and overcome yet another challenge: surviving in the era of COVID-19 lockdown. In states where cannabis is legal, those businesses have been deemed “essential,” and these enterprises have been allowed to remain open for business — while still technically illegal federally. This makes […]

How Cannabis Businesses Can Protect Themselves Through Effective Risk Management

How can you continue to play a game if the rules keep changing? The cannabis industry: new, potentially lucrative, volatile as hell and illegal federally. As states legalize marijuana, it seems like everyone wants to join the league of cannabis pioneers. Perception versus reality is two vastly different tracks, with many motivated and eager entrepreneurs […]

Marijuana Lobbyists Pushing For Support For Cannabis Industry Via Next Coronavirus Stimulus Package

The cannabis industry keeps getting pummeled. It’s not federally legal, so banks don’t want to offer business banking services. It’s a new industry, so lawmakers in states where it is legal have generally overregulated it. On the flip side, it’s taxed to high heaven, and the feds have been the recipients of those tax dollars. […]

Cannabis Businesses Resist State Efforts To Limit THC Content

Lawmakers in several states are pushing forward with something that was proposed and failed in Colorado — limiting the amount of THC in cannabis. Plenty of people – including marijuana industry officials, both for the medical and recreational side – are fighting back, arguing that THC limits are grounded on shaky science. Industry experts predict […]

Was The 2019 Cannabis Industry Slump Caused By Overspending?

It’s a curious question to ponder: was the 2019 cannabis industry slump caused by overspending? Perhaps. Was the overspending a direct result of meeting extensive regulatory requirements? Perhaps. Were the folks that followed the rules, invested vast quantities of money into a newly legal industry, and prayed that the goldrush continued (or at least until […]

Wholesale Cannabis Prices Surge in Illinois As Demand Exceeds Supply

High prices indeed. Recreational cannabis demand is outpacing supply, and that means wholesale prices are soaring. In states like Massachusetts and Illinois, where they’re still in the process of rolling out the industry, the market is booming, and folks are scrambling to build the infrastructure. Smokable flower is scarce and in high demand. Wholesale suppliers […]

Cannabis Product Liability Insurance: How To Ensure Your Business Is Protected From Disaster

Vaporizers have been regulated inconsistently across the U.S. and it’s to the detriment of the cannabis industry, including when it comes to covering product liability. Over 2,600 cases of vaping-related illnesses have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including nearly 60 deaths, raising questions about safety and leaving cannabis businesses […]