How COVID-19 Could Shape The Future of Cannabis

COVID-19 has been quite effective at shutting down a ton of businesses. The recent pandemic has also put the cannabis industry under the spotlight, as many marijuana-legal states have deemed the sector an essential service, allowing continued operation during a time where many businesses have mandated closures. These events have also highlighted service gaps – […]

Wholesale Cannabis Prices Surge in Illinois As Demand Exceeds Supply

High prices indeed. Recreational cannabis demand is outpacing supply, and that means wholesale prices are soaring. In states like Massachusetts and Illinois, where they’re still in the process of rolling out the industry, the market is booming, and folks are scrambling to build the infrastructure. Smokable flower is scarce and in high demand. Wholesale suppliers […]

These 12 States Could Legalize Cannabis In 2020

Cannabis legalization is sweeping the nation, and plenty of states are looking at legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana through the various ballot and legislative measures pending in 2020. These 13 separate states could roll out the green carpet before the year comes to a close. Pondering Recreational Legalization Arizona: This one is tricky. There […]

Businesses Perform Better In States With Legal Cannabis, Study Finds

In addition to creating jobs and generating tax revenue, those states that have legalized marijuana appear to benefit in another way — fostering a robust business environment. Medical and recreational cannabis is legal in 33 states (plus Washington D.C.). Eleven states plus D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana. A new study from researchers at the University […]

New York’s Legal Cannabis Businesses Weigh In On Recreational Legalization

Budget outlines. Drafted tax proposals. It’s almost a sure bet that New York is going to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis. Governor Andrew Cuomo pledged to legalize recreational marijuana in 2020, and it appears he’s going to work to do just that. The only glitch? After royally screwing up the state’s medical marijuana program, medical marijuana […]

The Secret Loophole That Allows Growers In Newly-Legalized States To Source New Strains

Even when you’re trying to play by the rules, you might have to break them. In the world of legalized cannabis, where states gingerly follow the rules that, in reality, are illegal federally, it’s a chicken-and-egg situation. How do businesses get marijuana seeds or clones necessary to generate product? Do cannabis cultivators have a magic […]