Is Michigan’s Retail Marijuana Industry Being Set Up To Be Dominated By Big Players?

It appears that the old-school pioneers of Michigan’s cannabis industry could be left out of the wagon train as the industry prepares to open its first adult-use recreational marijuana stores by the end of 2019. Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA), which oversees both the medical and upcoming adult-use retail industries, released new rules in July. […]

Aurora Cannabis And Tilray Cannabis Sales Boosted By Canada’s Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Canadian cannabis producers Tilray Inc and Aurora Cannabis Inc reported an increase in quarterly revenue last month, attributing the boost to increased demand. Canada was the first industrialized nation to legalize recreational cannabis in an effort to eliminate the black market, but continued growth in this industry is currently limited by lack of supply. When […]

Stoners’ Election Wrapup

Voters made marijuana history again in 2014, legalizing pot in two states and the District of Columbia. Election Day proved to be a landmark in the history of cannabis reform. Though one state rejected medical marijuana, Oregon and Alaska legalized recreational weed, as did Washington, D.C. That means four states now allow legal weed: Oregon, […]