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MMJ Patients Push DEA Chief to Quit

A growing group of medical marijuana patients is calling for the resignation of DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg after he called MMJ a “joke.” The Marijuana Majority, a national pro-reform group, launched a Change.org petition seeking Rosenberg’s firing or resignation. As of Nov. 12, the petition had gathered roughly 30,000 signatures. Rosenberg’s comments came earlier in […]

Synthetic Weed Ring Busted in California

Federal agents have busted what they called a major synthetic marijuana ring in Southern California. A dozen arrests were announced in October by the U.S. attorney’s office for Los Angeles. The suspects are all California residents and allegedly sold synthetic pot to homeless people in the city’s Skid Row neighborhood, near downtown. Synthetic weed, also […]

Did the 12 Steps Start with a Drug Trip?

Almost everyone in the Western world has heard of Alcoholics Anonymous. Even those who know almost nothing about the organization tend to understand that it involves 12 steps of some sort and allows members to remain anonymous. Less well-known is just how poor a job AA does in helping alcoholics and addicts recover. Objective studies […]

California Finally Gets MMJ Regulations

After years of practical and political chaos, California’s medical marijuana system is finally subject to statewide regulation. Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, signed three bills in October that will impose a set of licensing and operational rules on cannabis growers, processors, and dispensaries across the state. His signature marks the first time California’s MMJ system […]

California Could Get Medical MJ Rules, Finally

Democratic lawmakers in California say they’ve made a deal with Gov. Jerry Brown that would impose order on the state’s notoriously chaotic medical marijuana program. The state Assembly and Senate were expected to pass legislation in September that would create a new set of statewide rules for medicinal cannabis, which is now only loosely regulated […]