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With 6 years' experience in business journalism, Brian is the person we turn to for anything related to the business of cannabis. His news coverage spans topics including marijuana business and finance. Brian's work features on marijuanareferral.com, marijuanamerchantaccount.com and marijuanainsuranceagent.com.

The Secret Loophole That Allows Growers In Newly-Legalized States To Source New Strains

Even when you’re trying to play by the rules, you might have to break them. In the world of legalized cannabis, where states gingerly follow the rules that, in reality, are illegal federally, it’s a chicken-and-egg situation. How do businesses get marijuana seeds or clones necessary to generate product? Do cannabis cultivators have a magic […]

Washington State Takes Down Online Map of Cannabusinesses Following Burglaries

In a better-safe-than-sorry move, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) removed an online map that showed the locations of cannabis producers and processors in the state after a string of burglaries. The LCB has not compiled data about burglarized cannabis companies since the inception of legal cannabis in 2014. Still, in November, at […]

Illinois’ First Day of Retail Marijuana Generates $3.2 Million in Sales

The first day of legal recreational cannabis in Illinois proved to be a lucrative one. On the first day of legal sales, over 77,000 transactions resulted in almost $3.2 million in sales. Those eagerly anticipating a cannabis purchase waited in line outside dispensaries — some queuing up the day before legalization. The amount spent in […]

Marijuana Dispensaries Not Selling To Minors, Study Finds

Underage weed-seekers, take note: licensed marijuana retailers are vigilant when it comes to laws prohibiting the sale of cannabis to minors. Regulatory officials, take note: the system appears to be working. A recent study, published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, went like this: researchers working undercover went into 175 marijuana retailers […]

Financial Trends To Expect In The Cannabis Industry In 2020

After the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD has increased in popularity (and profitability), making 2019 another strong year for cannabis. Investors remain plentiful and optimistic about the industry, continuing to infuse a new sector with cash. Investment totals for 2019 hit 2018 levels by the third quarter, and as legalization swept across the […]

California’s Upcoming Tax Increase Threatens Viability Of State Industry

You might think that with legalization, in California, the “world’s largest marijuana marketplace” would be booming. Nope. Since California legalized weed, the anticipated constant flocking of customers, willing to abide by the law, hasn’t materialized as planned. Sales in the legal marketplace have flat-lined, while black market weed has been filling in the gaps, providing […]

Dozens Apply For Cannabis Business Licenses Ahead Of Maine’s Adult-Use Market Launch

Recreational cannabis was approved by voters and legalized in Maine in November… 2016. The state started accepting license applications on December 5, 2019. Maine already boasts an established medical marijuana program, and analysts predict the state will generate $158 million from the first year of sales. So why the three-year delay from legalization to implementation? […]