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With 6 years' experience in business journalism, Brian is the person we turn to for anything related to the business of cannabis. His news coverage spans topics including marijuana business and finance. Brian's work features on themarijuanapages.com, marijuanareferral.com, , marijuanamerchantaccount.com and marijuanainsuranceagent.com.

Recreatonal Use Made Up Two-Thirds Of Total Marijuana Sales In Colorado Last Year

Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), in an annual government report, said that in 2018, the share of legal marijuana sales in the state that came from the recreational market outpaced sales from the medical market. In a milestone for Colorado, adult-use recreational sales of flower was twice that of medical marijuana purchases — a recreational-medical […]

$30 Million Of Black Market Cannabis Seized From California’s Illegal Pot Shops

The first half of 2019 was a busy one for California’s illegal cannabis industry. In a state that has struggled with the enforcement of the illicit side of cannabis, the state Bureau of Cannabis Control served 19 search warrants on unlicensed sellers of marijuana. Through their efforts, the bureau confiscated over $200,000 in cash from […]

Florida Court Rules Vertical Integration In Marijuana Industry “Unconstitutional”

Florida has watched from the sidelines for years as other states such as Colorado, Oregon, and California legalized recreational marijuana. Numerous groups are clamoring for legalization recreationally, and simultaneously, the Florida laws that created a vertically integrated business model for distributing medical marijuana were rejected by Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeal. With Florida in […]