California Cannabis Industry Problems Causing ‘Epidemic’ of Layoffs

How is it possible that California’s burgeoning cannabis industry is suddenly foundering, resulting in massive layoffs? Voters in the state legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, although it was just in 2018 that rec sales finally started. While the intention might have been to institute a profitable, licensed and legal marketplace, the reality is that lawmakers […]

Privacy Concerns Over Body Cameras For Massachusetts Cannabis Delivery Drivers

Privacy zealots and cannabis users, take note: the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) has drafted and voted on regulations for cannabis delivery and would require delivery drivers to wear body cameras at any time they are outside their delivery vehicle to record all transactions. Massachusetts has some of the strictest regulations on cannabis sales in […]

Massachusetts Testing Facility Fined $225,000 For Improper Marijuana Disposal

A Massachusetts marijuana testing facility is in hot water after being accused of throwing usable marijuana into an unlocked dumpster. And on top of that, local police found hundreds of vials with extracted cannabis from the lab — one that provides services for almost the entire state’s medical cannabis retailers. The facility, MCR Labs, agreed […]

Cannabis Industry Calls On Congress To Legalize And Regulate Vapes

Because cannabis is still a federally illegal substance that drives the sale and distribution of illicit products, the head of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) called out Congress to act, and to do it quickly: Legalize cannabis and regulate the industry in order to deal with vaping-related industries. The group said the end result […]

$30 Million Of Black Market Cannabis Seized From California’s Illegal Pot Shops

The first half of 2019 was a busy one for California’s illegal cannabis industry. In a state that has struggled with the enforcement of the illicit side of cannabis, the state Bureau of Cannabis Control served 19 search warrants on unlicensed sellers of marijuana. Through their efforts, the bureau confiscated over $200,000 in cash from […]

FDA Issues Warning About CBD Marketing Health Claims

Companies from every industry, from farms to food to cosmetic manufacturers, are joining the CBD rush. The result is that everyone, from regulators to customers, is trying to wrap their arms around this popular product, where, beyond a few cannabis-legal states (where the CBD market is strictly regulated and tested), the regulatory rules are minimal to […]