Illinois’ Industry-Best Social Equity Program Is Flawed, Advocates Say

Nothing is perfect. That includes plans with noble intentions. Throw in a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s safe to say that the roll-out of Illinois’ social equity program for cannabis companies isn’t quite what was envisioned. While the state can boast some of the most progressive social equity provisions, others say that the rules don’t […]

New Cannabis Business Rules Take Effect In Michigan

If you’re a cannabusiness in Michigan, it’s just another day with another hoop to jump through. On June 22, the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency announced that operators of cannabis businesses must now utilize freshly created applications and resources. What that all actually means, though, is clear as mud. In a press release the agency explained […]

Cannabis Companies Can Claim These Payroll Tax Credits Under COVID-19 Relief Package

It’s generally agreed upon that cannabis companies are dealt different hands depending on the states they operate in, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that weed is considered an essential staple during times of hardship —  every state with a regulated marijuana program continued to allow sales to some degree […]

How Cannabis Companies Have Adapted To COVID-19

The cannabis industry has once again had to work to adapt to and overcome yet another challenge: surviving in the era of COVID-19 lockdown. In states where cannabis is legal, those businesses have been deemed “essential,” and these enterprises have been allowed to remain open for business — while still technically illegal federally. This makes […]

Was The 2019 Cannabis Industry Slump Caused By Overspending?

It’s a curious question to ponder: was the 2019 cannabis industry slump caused by overspending? Perhaps. Was the overspending a direct result of meeting extensive regulatory requirements? Perhaps. Were the folks that followed the rules, invested vast quantities of money into a newly legal industry, and prayed that the goldrush continued (or at least until […]

Wholesale Cannabis Prices Surge in Illinois As Demand Exceeds Supply

High prices indeed. Recreational cannabis demand is outpacing supply, and that means wholesale prices are soaring. In states like Massachusetts and Illinois, where they’re still in the process of rolling out the industry, the market is booming, and folks are scrambling to build the infrastructure. Smokable flower is scarce and in high demand. Wholesale suppliers […]

Cannabis Product Liability Insurance: How To Ensure Your Business Is Protected From Disaster

Vaporizers have been regulated inconsistently across the U.S. and it’s to the detriment of the cannabis industry, including when it comes to covering product liability. Over 2,600 cases of vaping-related illnesses have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including nearly 60 deaths, raising questions about safety and leaving cannabis businesses […]

How To Avoid Unlicensed Cannabis Products And Dispensaries

It’s really a matter of safety. In California, one of the largest weed markets in the world, unlicensed cannabis businesses outnumber legal ones. And in Oregon, the glut of low-priced legal weed has incentivized illicit growers to export their products across state lines and into states where marijuana is still illegal. With the recent vaping […]

Maine Regulators Issue Guidance On Marijuana Advertising

In the era of legal marijuana, compliance is critical, and Maine regulators are reminding folks how to advertise within state laws. Maine’s Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) issued guidance reminders after cannabis-related ads at Lewiston’s Androscoggin Bank Colisée resulted in an investigation. Parents complained about marijuana ads at the ice rink last November. Some of […]