CDC: Most Vape-Related Illnesses Caused by Illicit Market Devices

With recreational marijuana only legal in 11 states, and no federal testing regulations in place, let’s face it; there’s ample opportunity for a flourishing black market. The recent health scare related to vaping is proof positive. Health officials report that the majority of vape health-related issues correlate to counterfeit marijuana products obtained from the black […]

Sales Fall For Cannabis Vape Products Following Health Scare

The deluge of bad press surrounding vape products has hurt cannabis vape sales, which in 2018 was the fastest-growing segment of the marijuana industry. Shares of vaping products in California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington in the recreational marijuana markets have dropped considerably after the first vape-related death was reported in August — the recent nationwide […]

Cannabis Industry Calls On Congress To Legalize And Regulate Vapes

Because cannabis is still a federally illegal substance that drives the sale and distribution of illicit products, the head of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) called out Congress to act, and to do it quickly: Legalize cannabis and regulate the industry in order to deal with vaping-related industries. The group said the end result […]

How Different State Regulators Have Responded To The Vaping-Related Lung Illnesses

Regulators in more than six states are taking a cautious approach while the industry and public health officials work to identify the root cause of recent health problems associated with vaping, and THC vape cartridge sales are starting to take a hit. As the epidemic continues to grow, it’s assumed that regulatory backlash will follow. […]

Many Commercially Sold CBD Products Contain Synthetic Marijuana

It doesn’t take long to realize it’s everywhere: CBD candies. CBD beverages. CBD lotions, creams, oil — even pet snacks. But can you believe what’s on the packaging? An investigation by the Associated Press revealed that ten out of 30 commercially marketed CBD products tested positive for the presence of synthetic cannabinoids, similar to what […]