Seven Accounting Practices Cannabis Companies Need To Get Right To Close Industry Deals

While the marijuana industry in the US still comprises a significant proportion of small, independent businesses, there has been a trend towards more mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships. The industry is consolidating fast, but it’s not necessarily professionalizing at the same pace, at least as far as accounting practices go. Across the country, cannabis […]

Automating Your Cannabis Cultivation Processes: Weighing Costs and Benefits

As cannabis cultivators continue to establish and expand across the US, more and more are looking to automate practically every aspect of the production process. From automated irrigation systems, conveyors, climate controls and nutrient dispensers, the potential benefits are clear. Among them, reduced water usage, lower labor costs, fewer menial tasks, and more efficient applications […]

Cyber Security Threats Cannabis Businesses Must Be Aware Of

The impressive growth of the state-legal cannabis industry in the US over the past few years has not just been a boon for marijuana entrepreneurs, it’s also created new opportunities for cyber criminals looking to exploit the emerging industry’s weaknesses. Most canna-businesses are newly-established, small-to-mid size enterprises. This means that many haven’t had the time […]

6 Reasons Why Accountants Should Embrace The Cannabis Industry

Marijuana legalization has well and truly established itself as more than a movement in recent years. It’s now big business, with retail sales expected to top $37 billion in 2024. But while more and more states move to legalize cannabis, the marijuana industry continues to be underserved by financial institutions, including accountants. This not only […]

Solventless Concentrate Production: Essential Best Practices

When it comes to the long-standing art of solventless concentrate processing, efficiency is vital to success. While making solventless concentrates is a pretty straightforward process, there are many different ways to go about it. Luckily, the formula still involves a few do’s and don’ts, and familiarizing yourself with them can make your technique more effective, […]

A Cannabis Business Guide to IRS Tax Code 280E

Marijuana legalization may be continuing apace across the US, but cannabis industry finances are still stuck in the 1980s. This isn’t just because many financial institutions are reluctant to service state-legal marijuana businesses because of cannabis’ federally-illegal status. It’s also because of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Code 280E. This code means marijuana businesses have significantly […]