Insuring Cannabis Summit 2021: A Recap

The third annual Insuring Cannabis Summit took place entirely online this year and focused on the insurance risks and opportunities in the cannabis marketplace. The event, hosted by Insurance Journal, included presentations from 27 marijuana industry experts discussing topics like risk management, the future of the cannabis industry, marijuana laws and regulations, and the business […]

What We Know About Amazon’s Support of Federal Marijuana Legalization

Amazon’s recent moves in support of federal cannabis legalization and its decision to end marijuana screening tests for prospective employees indicates the corporate giant wants to enter the legal marijuana marketplace. In June, Amazon said it would stop cannabis screenings for all positions other than delivery drivers. Not long after though, the company advised its […]

New Search Engine Lists Jobs that Don’t Require Drug Testing for Marijuana

Marijuana users looking for work can now make use of a new search engine that only features job opportunities that don’t require tests for cannabis. The new platform is called Phynally and it’s been developed by Damian Jorden, a Philadelphia entrepreneur who got tired of sifting through employers who insist that new recruits are tested […]

Best Cannabis Stocks to Add to Your Long-Term Portfolio

While marijuana legalization continues to spread across the US, cannabis stocks are currently trading at some of their lowest market values this year. This downward trend can be attributed in part to more widespread inflation concerns but uncertainty surrounding attempts on Capitol Hill to federally legalize cannabis are also likely playing a role. The Senate […]

Cannabis Edibles Manufacturers Simplify Labeling to Attract New Consumers

While cannabis aficionados may be familiar with terms like indica, sativa or hybrids of the two, edibles manufacturers are increasingly marketing their products based on the effect it promotes. For instance, by using words like “uplift,” “relax” or “sleep” in big type font, while making the specific strain of the cannabis plant less prominent on […]

California Designates $100 Million for Cannabis Licensing to Combat Illicit Industry

California lawmakers approved $100 million in grant funding to help legal cannabis businesses transition from provisional licenses to annual ones, in a move aimed at stemming the state’s thriving illicit marijuana market. More than 80 percent of California’s legal marijuana businesses currently operate with provisional licenses under a process described as “expensive, time-consuming and difficult” […]