B2B Cannabis Events: Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Your Ticket

B2B Cannabis Events: Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Your Ticket

After a two year Covid-induced hiatus, B2B cannabis conference events are back and bigger than ever.

Such events are a perfect opportunity for marijuana industry veterans and would-be cannabis entrepreneurs alike to stay ahead of the latest developments and meet like-minded individuals and brands that could well offer more than just a friendly conversation.

Before diving into our tips on making the most of your conference pass, check out our list of cannabis industry events taking place this year.

1. Manage expectations

Arrive with set goals in mind for what you want to gain from the event. Do you have a new cultivation technique to share? Then make sure it’s eye-catching and that its unique benefit is easy to understand.

Or do you want to mainly focus on meeting new people and establishing meaningful business connections? Then do your research into the personalities and brands that will be there, and be ready to strike up a conversation on an area of mutual interest.

A final word on managing expectations – don’t expect it to be a smokefest! Most of the attendees will be there in a professional capacity, and marijuana consumption may even be illegal under state law at some industry events or prohibited by the hosting venue. The after-parties, however, may be a different story entirely!

2. Showcase your brand

Whether you participate as an attendee or as an exhibitor, you have a chance to showcase your brand.

But as an exhibitor especially, a B2B cannabis industry conference is an incredible opportunity to show what your brand or product has to offer to potentially thousands of customers. Make yourself stand out and, equally, show an interest in what other exhibitors have on display.

3. Take advantage of the learning opportunities

B2B cannabis industry conferences are about more than just gawping at the latest products. They also have huge educational value. From keynote speaker presentations and roundtable discussions with industry experts to demonstrations of the latest innovative technologies, make sure to work your schedule around events that interest you, and come with questions prepared.

4. Inform yourself on the latest trends

Whether it’s the latest cultivation light technology or ingenious applications of robotics, B2B cannabis industry conferences are where cutting-edge ideas and designs in the field of cannabis first see the light of day.

These events are where the technologies of the future are first discovered, and you could even be the one to help launch it off the ground.

5. Networking pointers

Aside from learning as much as possible about the cannabis industry, these conferences are fundamentally about building new, and potentially lucrative, relationships.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you start flashing your business card around in everyone’s faces.

First, expect to see a lot of ancillary businesses in attendance. That is, there will be many accountants, insurance agents, attorneys and consultants, among others, with cannabis-industry expertise that service marijuana businesses. Their role at such events, and in the cannabis industry more generally, is becoming increasingly indispensable as the legal marijuana market matures across the US.

Second, even if you’re not the party-going type, consider attending the after-hours events. These are, of course, more social in nature but they are also often where the biggest deals and most meaningful connections are made.

Third, enjoy it! Cannabis B2B industry conferences are an incredible opportunity to expand your horizons, meet interesting people, and learn from those who are at the top of their game.

Get yourself signed up for an event that interests you in particular, and get prepared!

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