Cost Segregation: How Cannabis Businesses Can Benefit from this Tax Savings Strategy

Cost segregation is a well-known strategy for limiting income tax liability but it is one that remains relatively unknown by many marijuana businesses. This is unfortunate as cannabis companies have especially onerous tax obligations compared to businesses in traditional industries, owing to marijuana’s federally illegal status. In this article, we’ll discuss how marijuana companies, and […]

3 Simple Steps You Can Take to Improve Cashflow in Your Cannabis Business

Recent inflationary pressures have put an added strain on marijuana businesses, especially those that have just opened. Many cannabusinesses, especially in states like California, were already finding it hard to balance the books due to onerous tax obligations, compliance requirements, and licensing fees. This hasn’t been helped by IRC Code 280E which prevents marijuana businesses […]

A CPA’s Expert Advice on Building a Solid Foundation for Your New Dispensary

With yet more states opting to legalize recreational cannabis sales this year and the prospect of others joining them through ballot measures at the forthcoming midterm elections, we are going to see a new wave of marijuana dispensaries opening for business. The cannabis industry is undoubtedly lucrative but that in itself is no guarantee of […]

Cannabis Lease Agreements: Essential Guidance for Protecting Your Business

As with many aspects of doing business as a cannabis enterprise, securing a lease agreement entails extra layers of complexity and considerations that traditional businesses typically don’t have to contend with. This includes the higher rents often demanded by landlords to compensate for the perceived risk of working with a cannabusiness, but there are other […]

What Are Cannabis Angel Investors and How to Find Them for Your Cannabusiness

Despite marijuana’s federally-illegal status, the state-legal cannabis industry continues to expand and promises lucrative growth opportunities for the savvy investor. As a marijuana business owner though, it’s hard to know where to begin when seeking funding to take your company to the next level. The industry remains fraught with risk that may be too much […]