With its increasing demand and income potential, medical marijuana use is the fastest growing industry in the US but since the cannabis industry is fairly new, laws are constantly updated. It is important to have a marijuana lawyer to help you grow your business or to fight for your rights.

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Morse & Morse, LLC is a respected criminal defense law firm located in the heart of Palm Beach County with experienced attorneys and staff. Our attorneys believe in quality representation.

The Daytona Beach location of The Law Offices of Kevin J. Pitts has handled hundreds of drug-related offenses both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney.

Seminole County marijuana attorney Kevin Pitts has handled hundreds of drug cases as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. If you are accused of marijuana possession, cultivation, sale and delivery or trafficking we can help.

We are a full service firm that handles criminal defense cases (drug cases, DUI/OWI, traffic cases), as well as helping those clients injured by the negligent acts of others.

The Cohen Law Firm are experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyers. They have extensive experience trying everything from misdemeanor drug cases to even the most complicated high-profile capital crimes.

Attorney Edward J. Kuleck is a former assistant state attorney for Lasalle County in IL and has been successfully defending drug-related cases since 1979.

Attorney Randolph M. Gordon is a University of IL Law School graduate and a former prosecutor. He has 30 years experience handling felony and misdemeanor drug charges throughout the state and is also a member of NORML.

Julie Chambers is a former deputy prosecutor handling all criminal cases including marijuana possession, possession of paraphernalia, drug offenses, alcohol related offenses and criminal expungements.

Paul Stanko defends persons accused of drug, alcohol and other criminal offenses throughout northern IN. A former judge and prosecutor, he has been highly rated by Martindale-Hubbell, Avvo and other sources.

Attorney Patrick Lewis has been a criminal defense attorney for over 25 years. The large percentage of the cases that he handles involve defending those accused of drug-related crimes.

Maloney Molari and Associates LLC are experienced and dedicated attorneys your side! Focused on getting you the best possible result when it matters most!

A lifetime member of the NORML Legal Committee, Epstein and Epstein is in its 30th year of defending marijuana consumers and growers from the unjust laws of prohibition.

Komorn Law is widely recognized as the leading authority on Michigan Medical Marijuana laws.

Five lawyers who roll the right way. Cannabis Counsel PLC Law Firm handles everything cannabis which includes CannaBusiness Law. We also represent state and federal cases.

The Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan is the premier Cannabusiness law firm in Michigan providing comprehensive legal advice and defense to businesses in the medical marijuana industry.

Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan offer premier legal expertise to the Michigan Marijuana Community. Specializing in Michigan Marijuana Law since 2009, we represent and advocate caregivers, patients, and businesses related to the industry.

We are here to review your case. Tell us about your legal situation today. There is no time to waste if you want to hire a criminal defense attorney whom MI residents have found to be exceptional in his area of expertise.

The Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan are experts when it comes to representing in all aspects businesses, caregivers, and patients of medical marijuana.

Experienced Marijuana Defense Lawyer. Patrick S. Fragel, Attorney at Law: Former Prosecutor – 20 Years Experience

Dan Viet has 30 years of experience representing people charged with non-violent marijuana and other prohibited substances law violation in every circuit court, appellate court, and supreme court in Missouri.