How Cannabis Cultivators Can Use Technology to Scale Operations and Remain Compliant

Starting a business is inherently risky but these are especially acute for cannabis cultivators. Uncertainties surrounding marijuana banking and the patchwork of ever-changing and onerous regulations means many cannabis operations start small with a view to scaling-up as and when conditions allow for it. It’d be a mistake to think scaling-up simply means hiring more […]

What to Look for When Choosing a Cannabis Accounting Firm

As the cannabis industry in the US matures, there’s a growing need for accountants to service canna-businesses and further professionalize the sector. But given the complexities and risks faced by marijuana businesses due to the plant’s federally-illegal status, it is essential to hire an accounting firm with cannabis industry-specific expertise for three hugely significant reasons. […]

GMP and its Role in the Cannabis Industry

Though marijuana legalization continues to spread across the US at the state level, there has been little progress on implementing standardized cannabis manufacturing rules and regulations to ensure product safety and quality. This is because of marijuana’s federally illegal status, which means federal agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Drug Enforcement […]

California Designates $100 Million for Cannabis Licensing to Combat Illicit Industry

California lawmakers approved $100 million in grant funding to help legal cannabis businesses transition from provisional licenses to annual ones, in a move aimed at stemming the state’s thriving illicit marijuana market. More than 80 percent of California’s legal marijuana businesses currently operate with provisional licenses under a process described as “expensive, time-consuming and difficult” […]

3 Key Steps Marijuana Cultivators Must Take to Avoid Regulatory Failure

Commercial agriculture can be a regulatory minefield for farmers, all the more so when it concerns cannabis cultivation given its recently legalized status in many states and the heavy scrutiny the plant is subjected to. Marijuana cultivators in states that have recently legalized cannabis, at least, have the benefit of learning from the mistakes of […]

How Cannabis Businesses Benefit from Being Committed to Improving Environmental and Social Impact

Environmental and social responsibility shouldn’t be an afterthought for marijuana businesses, but rather a core part of their operations if they want to ensure long-term profitability. At least, that’s the take of Marc Ross and Kim Napoli, two attorneys with Vicente Sederberg’s new environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) focused law firm, which is based […]

Amazon Will No Longer Test Prospective Employees for Marijuana

Amazon pledged to no longer test most of its prospective employees in the US for cannabis use and has lent its support to a comprehensive federal bill that would decriminalize cannabis. “In the past, like many employers, we’ve disqualified people from working at Amazon if they tested positive for marijuana use. However, given where state […]

Cannabis Vape Pen Market Growth Slows as Manufacturers Seek to Rebuild Consumer Confidence

The downward trend in all things vape kicked off in 2019 and hasn’t picked up since. Despite the downturn, there are signs that a product rebound is on the horizon. The good news? Growth is happening again. The Seattle-based data analytic firm Headset reported that in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, vape sales jumped […]

How Your Cannabis Business Can Be Sustainable and Aligned with Environmental Regulations

There’s an intelligent, environmentally-friendly and efficient way to operate a cannabis business. It just takes some information gathering and planning to create a sustainable cannabis business that aligns with environmental regulations. Regulations galore The cannabis industry is rife with layers upon layers of regulations. Every project should carefully consider all rules and mandates and build […]