Illinois Reports More Than a Billion Dollars in Legal Cannabis Sales in First Year

Imagine this: Doctor Evil, rubbing his hands together in gleeful delight, saying, “One BILLION dollars.” He could be talking about Illinois cannabis sales in 2020; the state hit a considerable number, logging over $1 billion in sales during the first year recreational cannabis sales were legal. Illinois state officials reported that the total doesn’t include […]

How Your Cannabis Business Can Be Sustainable and Aligned with Environmental Regulations

There’s an intelligent, environmentally-friendly and efficient way to operate a cannabis business. It just takes some information gathering and planning to create a sustainable cannabis business that aligns with environmental regulations. Regulations galore The cannabis industry is rife with layers upon layers of regulations. Every project should carefully consider all rules and mandates and build […]

Cannabis Stock Surge on Biden Election Win

Biden’s election win offers hope aplenty for the cannabis industry. Cannabis stocks surged after the election. This caps off several wins from the weed side: Recent state ballot initiatives legalizing recreational cannabis use. Optimism that federal legalization is just around the corner. Booms to cannabis stock prices. Valuations are rapidly going up for Aurora Cannabis, […]

From Medical to Rec: New Recreational Marijuana Markets Are Being Launched Increasingly Fast

Back when California legalized medical marijuana in 1996, a whopping 7,308 days passed from that benchmark to when recreational adult-use launched officially. That’s 20 years, in case anyone was wondering, and a sharp contrast to California’s reputation as a liberal state. Despite the tortoise-like pace of California, western states have bravely fought for medical marijuana […]