If you would like you to become a publisher on our site please contact us. If you wish to learn more about Marijuana Referral head to our About Us page! But if you want the short and sweet version, just know that we’re sponsored by Green Scene Marketing to help close the gap between patients and providers. Green Scene does major marketing within the marijuana industry and wanted to provide a locator service for people to find nearby professionals. We don’t get anything out of this; it’s free to be listed here and we don’t make money from appointments made. We had an idea and ran with it: Visitors can search local businesses while business owners and managers can control the information presented. It’s the Yellow Pages of marijuana. We’ve included information on how to list or claim your business on Marijuana Referral as well as other helpful links for both visitors and providers. We have partnered with different providers to bring you these following guides: The benefits of being on Marijuana Referral. Content Guidelines. How to list your business on Marijuana Referral.

 Great Sites to Check Out:

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