If you are planning to start a cannabis-related business, you may discover working with funds and payments isn’t as easy as it might be in other types of business. It’s difficult to obtain the payment services most companies need. Why is this the case? The answer is simple, really.

Marijuana production and related sales are legal in some states but those operations are still not legal at the federal level. Traditional financial institutions often deny services to cannabis operations, choosing to serve other “mainstream” companies. That’s where CyoGate Merchant Services enters the picture. 

At CyoGate we offer “legitimate payment solutions for the MMJ industry, including online and face-to-face payment options.”

If you’re a legal business in the United States or Canada engaged in any of the following services or products, contact us today:

  • Medical cannabis at a dispensary or collective
  • Delivery services
  • Producer
  • Retailer or distributor of CBD oil/paraphernalia
  • Other legal cannabis and hemp business 

Visit our website and start working with experienced professionals for your retail merchant accounts, Internet merchant accounts, high-risk merchant accounts, and Internet payment gateway processes. With CyoGate you can offer credit card payments even when there is no physical card to be swiped. You can connect with one of our merchant-processing partners for low-cost solutions. 

Sales in all industries related to marijuana sales, including medical marijuana, are increasing every year, with total sales now in the billions. If you’re part of this growth but find it difficult to obtain solutions to your banking and credit-card processing issues, you’d be wise to contact CyoGate today.

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