Marijuana Business Academy Trains Budding Ganjapreneurs

With more and more people interested in entering the cannabis industry, it was only a matter of time before training institutions would be established catering to would-be entrants to the trade. Now, Marijuana Business Academy joins the few such establishments that have been set up to train interested novices in the ways of ‘ganja-preneurship’.
Marijuana Business Academy
The seminar offered by the Marijuana Business Academy aims to guide individuals interested in investing in the cannabis industry and help budding entrepreneurs startup their own marijuana-related businesses. Given the rapid growth of the cannabis industry and widespread interest among the public, the seminar unsurprisingly attracted a large number of attendees.

The rise of such learning institutions is itself an indication of the many new business opportunities that have developed because of legalization. At the same time, these establishments help introduce more people into the marijuana industry, which in turn will result in even more business opportunities as the industry grows even larger.

One of the reasons for the establishment of Marijuana Business Academy is the realization of the many challenges and subtle details inherent in the business. As in any other industry, entering into the legal cannabis trade can open novices to the risk of failure and disappointment if they are unaware of certain crucial information. As Marijuana Business Academy co-founder Charles Houghton explained, “[there are] a lot of people…who do not have enough information to get into [the cannabis] industry.” Houghton also cited the many people interested in investing in the marijuana trade.

A lawyer who has extensive experience running his own legal cannabis dispensaries, Houghton formed the partnership with KC Stark that would lead to the establishment of the Marijuana Business Academy. Seminar attendance costs $299 per person for a single-day session that lasts from 9 in the morning to 4:20 p.m., appropriately enough.

Despite the novel closing time, the Marijuana Business Academy is a serious seminar that offers some truly helpful and relevant information. From guiding novices through the various legal requirements for operating a marijuana business to applying for licenses to obtaining funding for a startup, the seminar covers it all in an easily digestible program.

Marijuana Business Academy is not the only legitimate educational program for marijuana startups around. Also staking out a claim in the marijuana entrepreneur training trade is the Cannabis Career Institute, which also holds one-day seminars around the United States. For the same price as the Marijuana Business Academy seminar, the institute offers training in licensing a marijuana business as well, along with information on marketing and even making edibles. There is also the MMTC Institute in Florida, which hosts $500 classes instructing attendees on the complexities of the new regulations for medical marijuana sale, which was only recently passed in the state.

At the close of 2014, as more and more states adopt legalization in some form, there will undoubtedly be more establishments developed that address the need for training in the cannabis industry. For now, institutions such as Marijuana Business Academy do a great job of filling the need.

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