Appspensary – Highly Customized Online Ordering Platform Delivers

Appspensary – Highly Customized Online Ordering Platform Delivers

Move over, Weedmaps. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Have you heard about Appspensary? If not, you will soon enough. The name of the game is customization, and Appspensary aims to take it higher than ever before. The marijuana-centric online ordering platform has been busier than ever, working to meet the demands of an industry that (in states where weed is legal) COVID has effectively branded ‘essential.’

True that. Without cannabis, I probably wouldn’t be able to cope with the pandemic (or write, for that matter).

The best part about Appspensary is that marijuana companies can create highly customized digitized platforms — removing an item if it’s out of stock, quickly adding new products as they come into inventory — and offer other cool things, like daily specials, branded swag and customer rewards.

The cannabis industry is highly technical (and regulated). From the compliance systems and metrics required to track seed-to-sale data, to the quick adaptation of the industry to accommodate curbside and home delivery, tech is going to be a make-or-break component when it comes to communication between customer/consumer and dispensaries.

Cash — and banking — are hot topics frequently discussed across the industry, and this conversation was no exception. The digitization of the sector will support cashless payments, an essential in its own right. Financial institutions have consistently shied away from providing banking services to cannabis businesses. Appspensary’s online platform is grinding away at providing customers and dispensaries with a fully integrated cashless payment system, a massive development in an industry still fighting the old regime’s stigmas.

All these topics and more were on the menu at Benzinga’s Virtual Cannabis Capital Conference. Three cannabis entrepreneurs, along with CEO and Co-Founder of Appspensary, Jonathan Bachanov, offered his insight (and advice) on technology solutions related to virtual attendees’ cannabis industry.

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