Reformers Get Down to Business Following Election

Marijuana advocates aren’t wasting any time in the wake of November’s massive electoral victories. Voters legalized recreational weed in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, D.C., on Nov. 4. Those wins came just two years after Colorado and Washington State first passed legalization measures. Activists in Massachusetts waited less than a month after Election Day before announcing […]

5 Signs You’re Too Paranoid

Paranoia is one of those things: If you want to smoke weed, you just have to get used to it. Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s barely there, but it always goes with the package. That doesn’t mean you should let it get out of control. The whole point of cannabis is to enjoy the cannabis, […]

5 Great Stoner Artists

Stoners have been contributing to fine art for thousands of years. Iron Age burial sites in Asia and Europe contain ritual ornaments that indicate cannabis was widely used in ancient times. Hell, even the Stone Age paintings in those French caves are a little psychedelic. That artistic connection carried down the centuries, giving near-divine inspiration […]

5 Stoner Hobbies

Everyone has a hobby. We all need excuses for whiling away the time and avoiding real responsibility. Stoners need hobbies, too. Believe it or not, our dedication to marijuana isn’t a hobby. It’s more like an obsession. But we still need something else to keep us occupied. So here are the five best pastimes for […]