5 Stoner Hobbies

Everyone has a hobby. We all need excuses for whiling away the time and avoiding real responsibility.

Stoners need hobbies, too. Believe it or not, our dedication to marijuana isn’t a hobby. It’s more like an obsession. But we still need something else to keep us occupied. So here are the five best pastimes for stoners.


GardeningRaising a personal garden – or farm – isn’t just one of the most popular hobbies out there, it’s possibly stoners’ favorite. It’s a way to connect with nature and, most importantly, a way to keep yourself supplied with your favorite plant.

Growing weed isn’t the easiest hobby in the world, though. It takes some research and preparation, and there can be sizable upfront expenses. But once you get the hang of it, your garden should flourish.

Don’t have a green thumb? Start with an easier plant, maybe a vegetable or a shrub, and work your way up.


Not so much sport as lifestyle, bowling is the perfect hobby. It’s just physical enough that you’ll feel good about yourself but not so physical that you’ll break a sweat.

The hobby, after all, is in the distraction that bowling provides. When you’re baked out of your gourd at the lanes, nothing matters but the next frame. There are few competitive sports with such Zen qualities.

If you choose to take up this hobby, familiarize yourself with The Big Lebowski and other bowling-related works. Hell, even if you never roll a ball, bowling art makes a great hobby in itself.


Chipping away at a block of wood with a knife – sounds boring as hell, right? Sober, sure, but if you’re stoned, whittling is a lovely way to keep your wandering mind occupied.

Make whatever you like, but consider carving out some paraphernalia. It’s pretty easy to whittle wood into a spoon pipe, but aim higher: Build yourself a bong, a carrying case, or a quality oil rig. Actually, scrap the last one.


There comes a time in every stoner’s life when smoking pot just isn’t enough. Occasionally, we need some chemical variety. That’s where edibles come in.

Cannabis-laced food can pack a serious punch, and the high tends to last longer. It’s ideal for many medical marijuana patients, whose lungs can’t always tolerate smoke.

And what better way to keep in pot snacks than by cooking them yourself? Once you get the hang of making cannabutter, THC-laced cooking oil, or medical tincture, you can expand your cooking options dramatically.


Marijuana Game ConsoleIt’s an age-old question: Do gamers smoke weed to enhance the game, or do they game to enhance the weed?

Does it matter? Of course not. All that matters is that the two go together like bong rips and more bong rips. A perfect combination.

There are plenty of games to choose from. MMORPGs can keep your mind twirling for hours. Grand Theft Auto and the like can be perversely relaxing – especially GTA V, which is basically one long pot commercial. And then there are the countless games that deal directly with weed.

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